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Following the Sound of Your Heart
Episode 2
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Kanji 辿るは胸の鳴るほうへ
Rōmaji Tadoru wa Mune no Naru hou he
Airdate July 13, 2015
Dubbed January 4,2016
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Episode 2 was originally released on July 13, 2015 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

An English dub was released by Funimation on January 4, 2016.

Episode 2 covers the events from Chapter 2 of the manga.


Shirayuki is greeted by a woman, presumably her landlord, early in the morning who brings her fresh bread in exchange for a medicinal soup. Shirayuki expresses her enjoyment of life in Clarines as well as her plan to search out a job that day. After searching the town, she finds that the pharmacy doesn't need any new people.

The Pharmacist there however points out a small boy (Ryuu) who is shopping from their impressive supply of herbs. He explains that he is a child prodigy in the field of medicine and works in the royal court as a court pharmacist. Unable to give Shirayuki a job, he hands her information on becoming a court pharmacist, since she is already educated she might have a shot at an apprenticeship within the castle.

Shirayuki leaves to visit Zen at the Wistal castle, and earns much surprise from the guards(Kai and Shiira) at the gate due to her red hair. They begin to let her in immediately, knowing that a red haired girl would be coming to visit Prince Zen. Before entering, Zen who was currently trying to escape the castle and his duties, comes over the fence. They have an extremely casual conversation throwing the guards off. They blush furiously when Zen expreses his desire to see Shirayuki's face drove him out of the castle. Shirayuki informs him of her plan to leave town.

Zen is surprised by this news, but as he hear's Mitsuhide searching for him, ushers Shirayuki away offering to come with her. They take a carriage busing many people to the next town where they discuss her love of Clarines. It's a beautiful country. Zen asks her why she is going to the mountains, and she explains that she wants to study the plants there. Confused but not objecting, he offers to take her to another place she has marked on her map sometime. A small boy is distracted by her hair, embarrassing his mother by yelling about it.

Once they arrive in the port town, she immediately gains the attention of everyone around her due to her red hair. The news of a girl with red hair in town spreads to everyones ears, and the attention of a certain man (Mihaya) is gained. She asks Zen why he always escapes the castle when he gets the chance to which he tells her he too wishes to see the beautiful country they live in. A bell sounds, as the last call to board the ship to a nearby island of mountains. Shirayuki rushes off to board the ship and Zen wishes her good luck in her search for new herbs, expecting to see her the next day.

While Shirayuki is by herself in the mountains studying some medicinal herbs she found, a man suddenly appears behind her with a short greeting followed by a blow to the neck, knocking her unconscious. Meanwhile, Zen and Mitsuhide train with wooden swords. After defeating Mitsuhide he explains he is in high spirits because his escape with Shirayuki was worthwhile. Kiki retorts that she expects him to do the rest of his deskwork in high spirits as well. Zen thinks of Shirayuki working hard to learn more, and is inspired marching off to tackle his own work. Mitsuhide and Kiki watch in aw the results of the "Shirayuki Effect".

Later, Shirayuki awakens in an enclosed room, not knowing where she is. She looks around and sees the man that kidnapped her sitting in the entryway going through her things. He introduces himself as Mihaya . Shirayuki asks if he has any business with her. He says the he intends to present her to the highest bidder, knowing she will fetch a high price being something that even a prince could not get his hands on. She realizes that he means he intends to sell her. He pulls bars down over the entrance trapping her inside the cell and leaves her alone. Shirayuki sits grinding her ropes against the wall quietly until he returns.

Waiting for the right chance when Mihaya returns, she tackles a barrel he is setting her dinner on, breaks her binds, and flips the rug from under his feet knocking him to the ground. Without hesitation, Shirayuki escapes locking him inside her cell. As she runs, she desperately tries to find an exit but all the doors are locked and the windows are barred. Mihaya finds her, staring down at her from the second floor he informs her there is no escape. She takes off again anyway but meets a dead end. Thinking quickly, she makes use of her medicinal herbs and lantern in her bag, burning them inside the closed lantern. When Mihaya finds her, she breaks the lantern on the wall releasing a poison gas and it quickly takes effect on Mihaya. Paralyzed he collapses and she runs past him. Realizing there must have been a reason he checked the second floor when she first escaped, she heads up the stairs. She finds none of the windows on the second floor are barred and quickly jumps out, almost catching herself in a tree but falling to the ground. As she gets up slowly, Mihaya greets her again outside. Her poison had not lasted long.

She tries to run again, but to no avail, he pushes her against a wall and slams a torch next to her head. Mihaya tells her that even if she escapes from him, surely someone else would come after her. He advises her to leave with him so that at least she might be sold to royalty and be safe. She informs him that is no life for her and he moves to attack her but Zen suddenly appears and quickly uses his sword to knock lit torch from his hands. They scuffle and finally Zen knocks Mihaya to the ground, where he stays.Zen approaches Shirayuki, addressing her casually mentioning her trip was only supposed to be for the day. He asks if she is hurt anywhere and she quickly says that she is fine. Zen turns his attention to Mihaya and tells him that Shirayuki is not a tool for him to use.

Shocked to find that Zen is the Prince, Mihaya realizes he will not be getting out of trouble. He is arrested and taken away. Before he leaves, however, Shirayuki provides the guards with medicine for his wounds, showing he gentle nature. Mihaya asks her about something she said while in captivity, about the place she wishes to go on her own, but the guards drag him away before she answers.

The next day in town, noticing that Zen is mad, Shirayuki quickly tries to thank him for saving her but he says there is no need, he only wants to know that answer to the question that Mihaya asked her before he was taken away. Shirayuki says that's the reason she came to Zen's country is that she wants to know his country and how he lives there. She will go to a place where she can see that. Zen takes Shirayuki's hand, saying that he would be happy too if she could find that place and thanking her for staying safe for him.

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"I'm sure you already know this, but only the most knowledgeable and skillful pharmacists can become court pharmacists." —Pharmacist to Shirayuki referring to Ryuu.

"In other words, you snuck out when you were supposed to be doing deskwork?" —Shirayuki to Zen.

"'The Shirayuki Effect' is amazing." —Mitsuhide to Kiki.

"Are you saying you intend to sell me?" —Shirayuki to Mihaya.

"Did you decide to stop running, Red?" —Mihaya

"Shirayuki, I want to say thanks, too. Thanks for being unhurt." —Zen