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My Story, My Path
Episode 24
Episode Information
Kanji そして物語、私の道
Rōmaji Soshite monogatari, watashi no michi
Airdate March 28, 2016
Dubbed April 25, 2016
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Episode 24 was originally released on March 28, 2016 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

Summary Edit

Sakaki visits Shirayuki to inform her that she dons the official title of "friend of the crown" of Tanbarun. Afterwards, Prince Izana questions her, asking about her intentions with Zen, and she find herself speechless. Shirayuki struggles to make up her mind as to what she wants in regards to her relationship with Zen, and while she does that, Sakaki tries to convince her to take Raj's hand. She politely refuses. She finds herself out and about and finally makes up her mind at the bottom of a staircase. She abruptly asks Obi to help her find Zen, and Zen comes running. She runs up to meet him halfway on the staircase and asks if it's okay that she wishes to be his wife one day. Zen kisses her and she gets so weak in the legs that she cannot walk. Zen carries her to the roof of the castle, where she admires the view. He remembers that he never actually answered her question, so he clearly tells her that he has informed Prince Izana of his feelings towards her, and that he wants her to wait for him, even if it's selfish of him. They meet up with Obi, Mitsuhide, and Kiki and everyone goes to wish Sakaki off as he leaves Clarines to return to Tanbarun.

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