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Warning: This page contains spoilers. Continue at your own risk!
Kanji アトリ
Rōmaji Atori
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 13 years old (Deceased)
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Title Former Archer at the Clarines Kingdom
Occupation Former Archer
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Relationships N/A
Friendships Zen (Former childhood friend)
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 15

Anime: Episode 8

Voiced by Romi Park (Japanese)
Micah Solusod (English)

Atri was Zen's childhood friend. He was a gardener and an archer at the Clarines Kingdom which he used to work days at but was moved to nights. Secretly he was a traitor and was after Izana due to a grudge against the Royal family.


Atri has mid-length, dirty-blonde hair which is kept in a high ponytail with bangs. He has thick eyebrows and pointed eyelashes. He wears a brown short-sleeved jacket and a dark-grey, long sleeved top underneath. He also wears plain white trousers with an apron attached to the back. He has even described himself as "having a pretty face."


His fake personality towards Zen was cheerful and friendly. He used to argue with him and play fight. They joked around whenever they met and he used to listen to Zen’s problems. After he was confronted by Zen his personality changed. It was bitter and vengeful. He held a grudge for the Royal family as he says that Zen 'has the things that he doesn't' because of it. Typically it could be seen as jealousy.


Atri was Zen's best friend. Zen often used to sneak out to meet up with him while he was working during the day. After some time he was moved to a night job, which was most likely Izana's way to stop Zen meeting with him secretly, but he still asked Zen to meet up with him now and again. One day a group of traitors, like himself, found Atri and wounded him severely. After Zen found him and was knocked out, Atri demanded that he was to be taken seriously and for them to kill Zen. Mitsuhide intervened and confronted the group. Izana also turned up and Atri mentioned that he was already found out so it was 'too late'. He then went on to separately fight Zen. He shot an arrow directly at Zen, which he blocked, and soon after Atri was slashed by Mitsuhide. When Zen rushed to him Atri asked why he was making such a face and that their friendship probably would have been better if he wasn't a prince. He shortly passed away after that.


"If you weren't a prince, it probably would have been... better..." —Atri last words to Zen


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