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Chapter 10
Chap 10
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Kanji 第10話
Rōmaji dai 10 wa
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Volume Number Volume 03
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Zen and Shirayuki continues with their conversation. Zen asks Shirayuki what happened between her and his brother, Prince Izana. Shirayuki thought that Prince Izana was giving her a warning, something that tells her to think about whether she is fit to be with Zen. Zen apologizes and tells Shirayuki that the one thing he can't have against his brother is hostility, to which Shirayuki replied calmly, much to Zen's surprise, he even said that his  brother has no mercy. Shirayuki said that even if he hasn't, it's not like she want Zen to beat him up. 

After a while, Zen walks Shirayuki back to the castle and talks about something Prince Raji said during the tea party which caused quite a scandal. Shirayuki asks what is it about, to which Zen replied nervously, that Shirayuki and Zen are engaged, which shocked her. Although he thinks that no one took Prince Raji seriously, he tells her that the situation might be uncomfortable for her because from now on, she will become the center of attention.

After hearing this, Shirayuki asks Zen about the incident at Laxdo, but Zen tells her that she doesn't need to worry. Before parting ways, Zen hugs Shirayuki while telling her to ignore the people who scrutinize her and do whatever she wants, while reminding her that she has an ally with her. After they part ways, Zen has a flashback of his brother.

When the first prince, Izana, turned seventeen, he asked for a castle on the border of Lido Territory and Sui Territory as a birthday present. Everyone was shocked upon hearing this, including the young Zen. The lords of the Lido and Sui territory have a bad reputation about competing with each other for something since the previous generation. Prince Izana says that he doesn't care about it and says that it seems lika a good place to build a castle.

Trying to suck up to the first prince, the lords of both territories started sending him money and goods. Prince Izana accepted them easily and calling it "construction funds". Before long, both retainers from both territories visited the first prince, telling him to stop because their lords are increasing the amount of tax collected from the citizens, Izana replied "Go ask your lord".

Rumors started spreading that Izana thought up of a new way to play around. After hearing this, Zen went to see his brother and asked about the retainer from Sui territory. Izana answered him in a carefree manner and told him that both retainers haven't been showing up lately. Then, Izana invited Zen to come with him to visit the castle and drop by some places.

Prince Izana visited both lords with Zen and said the same thing to each of them. Telling them that the other lord is using the people's property to bribe him. Izana then tells Zen that "A lord who tortures his people like that should just be shot behind his back and die." When both lords  thought that their oponent has lost the first prince's favor, they stopped bribing him in the open but instead, they changed their strategy to illegal ways to raise money based on their own connections, but that is what Izana was after. He investigated the evil deeds of the people who dealt with the two lords in secret and both the lords of Lido and Sui were overthrown. After that, he appointed the former retainers of both lords as their new successors. It was also revealed that the bribery that was sent to him were left untouched.

After the recent events, Zen went to his brother and apologized  for doubting him and thinking that he was playing around. Izana then answers him by saying that he had fun. Zen wonders if they will hold a grudge against his brother. Izana said that he doesn't know about now but someday they might come back to kill him, to which Zen replied ferociously. Izana told him  when that time comes, if there was no one to support him, then that will be the end of his life. Telling him that he must make the people around him recognize him as their lord, Zen realized that he wanted to become someone who can stand by his brother's side.

Going back to the present, people started talking about the "red-haired girl that is close to Prince Zen". Seeing his brother from above, Zen jumps from the railing to talk to his brother about the political situation with Prince Raji, Izana feels stressed from Prince Raji. Izana then invites Zen to a "non-serious" sword fight with him. Zen then asks Izana why he treated Shirayuki as a hindrance before even getting to know her, he said that he doesn't have much free time to spend casually observing a girl like her. Adding that he didn't need time to tell how much Zen has fallen for her, causing Zen to blush. Telling him that other people expect something from Shirayuki more than just her red hair, and as soon as they find out that's all she has, everyone is going to give Zen a cold shoulder. But instead, Zen told him that Shirayuki's specialty is taking actions to defeat something.

After their sword fight, Izana asks Mitsuhide why Zen brought back a troublesome little thing when he was with him, but Mitsuhide replies by saying that he thinks that it's actually because he is with him.

Currently, Prince Raji has a stomachache because he is too mentally stressed.Raji asked his aide, Sakaki, to get medicine for him to avoid the people in Clarines thinking that he is a weak guy who has a stomachache on a diplomatic trip. When Sakaki came back to say that he should have a doctor look at him, a palace guard told him that Prince Raji said that he is late and went in the castle.

While heading to the castle, Raji bumped into Shirayuki, shocking the both of them. Raji tried to walk away but Shirayuki noticed that something is wrong with him. Raji saw the medicine that she is holding, he tried to drink it thinking that Sakaki made her bring the medicine. Some guards came to see if there was a problem but Raji insisted on drinking the medicine which left Shirayuki with no choice but to slap Raji's hand to drop the medicine, causing the guards to panic. She told him that it wasn't a medicine for drinking and that he should have more responsibility over himself. Raji told her that she doesn't have to say it but Shirayuki told him to become someone great enough for her to feel glad that he is the prince of her mother country, saying that as someone who was born in Tanbarun. Shirayuki offered to walk Raji to the treating room but he refused.

After Prince Raji left, Shirayuki was worried because the chief herbalist might scold her. Prince Izana told her that the chief won't scold her because he saw the whole thing, he also said that he think she is more suited to be with Prince Raji, saying that she must hate a country with a man like him. Shirayuki tells him that she has no intention of going back to Tanbrun. Izana walks to Shirayuki and asks if she isn't going to step back, Shirayuki replied that she won't, asking again if she won't avert her eyes. Izana kissed her forehead then asked if she is disgusted. Shirayuki was shocked but she said that she won't be disgusted for it is the country where she met Zen. Izana smiles while saying "What strange kids you two are".

The time for Prince Raji's departure has come. Prince Izana and Prince Zen came to see him off but Raji asks himself if Shirayuki is not going to see him off. Prince Raji ordered Sakaki to bow in the direction of the castle for him. After that Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki came to see Shirayuki. Zen and Mitsuhide were surprised to know that Shirayuki met Raji. Kiki said that she heard the whole story from the guards that happened to be there and Mitsuhide asked why she didn't tell them.

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