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Kanji クラリネス王国
Rōmaji kurarinesu oukoku
Kingdom Information
Ruler Kain Wistaria (Former Ruler)
Haruto Wistaria (Former Ruler)
Izana Wistaria (Current Ruler)
Princes Zen Wistaria

Clarines is a kingdom ruled by Izana Wistaria. It was formerly ruled by Kain Wistaria, who died early in kinghood. Since his sons were too young to rule the kingdom, his wife, Haruto Wistaria, ruled Clarines until Izana Wistaria was old enough to become king.

There is Lido Territory and Sui Territory that Izana built.There is a castle that borders them.

It is located at the west side of a continent called Fortissia.


Not much is known about the history of Clarines other than it's good, long-term relationship with Tanbarun, it's east neighbor. Kain Wistaria ruled the kingdom until his death, estimated to be about a decade before the start of the series. This is based on his sons' ages at the time. His widowed wife, Haruto Wistaria, ruled until her older son Izana Wistaria was old enough to be coronated and rule Clarines. At this point, she became queen mother.


Clarines map

Map of Clarines

Wistal CapitalEdit

Wistal is the capital of Clarines and is located in the southern part of Clarines.

Fort Laxd/Foretress RaxdEdit

Koto TownEdit

Mount KotoEdit

Royal Palace WistalEdit

The Wistal Palace is the building where the royal family resides together, along with some of the other people that work there.

Yuris IslandEdit

Yuris Island is the island where Kihal Toghrul and Popo are from. It is located in the south of Clarines.


  • Clarines is described as a rich and well-developed country.



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