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Garak Gazelt (ガラク・ガゼルド, Garrack Gazelt) is the chief court Pharmacist of the Wistal Castle. She is the main pharmacist for the royal family of Clarines.


She has blond hair and deep purple eyes. She wears a pair of long pale red earrings with a darker red stripe near the bottom. Garrack is always seen wearing a white lab coat. She keeps her hair up in a half ponytail bun.


She is rather laid-back, shown when she throws darts at a map just to find a place to collect her medicine. She is rather eccentric and can alternate between humorous and demanding. Despite this, she is extremely talented and cares deeply about Shirayuki and Ryuu.


Garak doesn't usually talk about about her background, but she always talks about the history of Clarines.


"I am the chief herbalist at Wistal Castle, Garak" —To court herbalists exam applicants.
"We officially accept you as an apprentice court herbalist." —To Shirayuki
"With a single word, your friend could be accepted unconditionally as a court herbalist. You can try that if you want." —To Zen about Shirayuki


Garrack waiting

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