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Hisame Lugis (ヒサメ・ルーギス; Hisame Rūgisu) is an acquaintance of Kiki Seiran and Mitsuhide Rouen. He is the second son of Count Lugis who decided he wanted to marry Kiki at age 11 in order to raise his social status and to become Head of the Seiran family. After learning his proposal was rejected, he challenged Kiki to a duel in order to become her fiance, as he believed she would be more accepting of the proposal if she lost in a duel than through a prolonged courtship. Kiki turns down Zen and Mitsuhide's offer as her duel partner as the duel is two on two. In the end Hisame lost to Kiki and Mitsuhide.


Hisame is a tall man with messy black hair. He often wears a relaxed expression which are sometimes accompanied with (faked) cheerfulness. He was usually shown to wear black colored clothes and a pair of earrings. Though his eye color hasn't been determined yet, the manga shows that it was placed on the brighter/lighter part of the color spectrum.


Hisame is often shown with a sly and teasing personality along with a relaxed gaze. Though seemingly suspicious during his first appearance, he had displayed loyalty towards Zen and his allies throughout the rest of the story.

Despite his loyalty in serving Zen, Hisame, however, had a rough relationship with Mitsuhide due to the duel that they had back when he proposed courtship to Kiki. As a result, the two spoke with sarcasm when communicating, and often held duels that were merely based on dislike rather than healthy rivalry.