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Kai Ulkir is a gatekeeper in Clarines. He and Shiira Eigan guard the Poet Gate of the Wistal castle. He is shown to have taken an interest in Zen and Shirayuki's relationship.




He is shown to be kind and caring while also easily excited. He takes his duties as a gatekeeper seriously, but can sometimes be rather bored of his job. He also greatly respects and admires Prince Zen. He and Shiira have taken an interest in Zen and Shirayuki's relationship, having notice that there is obviously something more between them. He is shown to really enjoy their relationship, even admitting that Shirayuki being Zen's friend is cool. He sees the romance in their relationship and shows great support for them getting together in the future, he even openly expressed his excitement in finding out they were "engaged". It's also shown on occasion that he tends to be very emotional as he began crying when he discovered Prince Zen was having marriage interview as he already believed Zen and Shirayuki were engaged.


Shiira EiganEdit

Kai and Shiira are both partners as together they guard the Poet Gate of the castle. They are shown to have a good and close relationship despite their personalities being somewhat opposite. They have both come to notice the close relationship between Zen and Shirayuki and are shown discussing their relationship sometimes.


Kai and Shirayuki are shown to have a good friendship. He was excited to meet Shirayuki, already having heard that she is the special friend of Prince Zen. He even comments Shirayuki is cool having a friendship with the second prince. Kai and his partner Shiira have also come to notice the pair's close relationship and he is shown to openly support their relationship in hopes they may one day be together.