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Kazuki anime
Kanji 鹿月
Rōmaji Kazuki
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Golden
Professional Status
Personal Status
Friendships Shirayuki
Affiliation The Mountain's Lions

The Sea's Talon (former)

First Appearance Manga: Chapter 18
Anime: Episode 13
Voiced by Sachi Kokuryu (Japanese)
Justin Pate (English)

Kazuki (鹿月) is a young boy and currently a part of The Mountain's Lions. He is formerly part of The Sea's Talon crew before he was traded to nobility due to his attractive features. He plots to kidnap Shirayuki and bring her to The Mountain's Lions after hearing that she was targeted by Prince Raji Shenazard to become his concubine.


Kazuki is a young boy with long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He has golden eyes and a blue faded tunic with grey pants and white shawl. When we first meet Kazuki, he is quite short compared to Shirayuki, however he catches up in height with her by the time he visits her in lyrias with Mihaya.


Kazuki is a nice boy. He is loyal to his friends, even to the point of being tortured for their sakes. He seems to have low self-esteem, as he seemed to be surprised when Kiki told him that Mukaze was worried about him. He hates nobles due to his past of being treated like a pretty doll by them. He is shown to be compassionate to those he empathizes with, such as trying to rescue Shirayuki because he identified with her story. 


He met Mihaya on a boat after arriving in the Clarines. When he finds out that Shirayuki is in Tanbarun attending a ball. He soon kidnaps her; however, they get kidnapped by the Sea Talons. While aboard on a ship, Kazuki was being forced to spit out information about the mountain lions by hurting him physically. But he still kept his mouth shut for his friends. Kazuki also always tries to protect Shirayuki from the Sea Talons. While Kazuki and Shirayuki try to escape they become good friends.



He identifies with her story of being a victim of nobles and tries to rescue her. He attempts to protect her from the Sea Talons. He becomes friends with her during their ordeal.  He later apologizes to her for all the danger he put her in and asks her to stay in the Lions of the Mountain's village with them.


Kazuki dislikes him due to his noble status and says he only tolerates him for Shirayuki's sake. 


Kazuki is friends with him and willing to help him out. They work well together as partners and Kazuki knows his comapnion's physical abilities well, which is why he was suprised that Obi was able to match him in hand-to-hand combat.


Mukaze has told Kazuki to consider him as a big brother, and so Kazuki does. He affectionately calls him 'Pops'. Kazuki seems to look up to him, and can recount many tales of Pop's heroic deeds.


Kazuki is annoyed by Mihaya's habit of calling him pretty boy. He is willing for Mihaya to join his side and help out at first, but once Mihaya refuses, Kazuki tried to take him so that he wouldn't spoil their plans to the princes. 


"Isn't that standard practice, though? Kidnapping a princess guarded by a knight." —To Mihaya.
"We can finally go home. You just have to wait a little longer. I'm taking you to where you truly belong. Pops is gonna be so happy." —To Shirayuki
"I told you, I'm not a part of your crew anymore." —To Umihebi
"You should tread more carefully, pirate. Remember, on land you're nothing." — To Umihebi


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