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Kihal Toghrul
Kiharu Togrul
Kanji キハル・トグリル
Rōmaji Kiharu Toguriru
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Turquoise
Height 168 cm
Professional Status
Title Trainer of Messenger Birds For The Clarines Kingdom
Occupation Bird Messenger Trainer
Personal Status
Relationships Popo (Pet)
Friendships Shirayuki
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 12
Anime: Episode 10
Voiced by Chiwa Saito (Japanese)

Bryn Apprill (English)

Kihal Togrul (キハル・トグリル, Kiharu Toguriru, Kirahu Toghrul) is the chief's daughter of Yuri's island. She visits Wistal Castle for the hope that someone will make Lord Brecker stop hunting the island's birds.


Kihal has long black hair parted in the middle and held on each side by a hairpin in the shape of flower or butterfly. She has turquoise eyes. She wears a white shirt and shorts. Over that, Kihal wears a short light colored cape. she also wears shorts with a thigh belt as decoration and brown boots.


She is shown to be a bit nervous at the start. Later after talking to Shirayuki she tells she feels less nervous. She is very kind hearted and always helping people in need. She loves birds and doesn't want it to be hunted down by the lord where she stays.

Seeing Lord Brecker hunting down birds for fun she lost her faith in Royal family is shown to hate all of them. But still wants to make Lord Brecker stop his hunting activities.





Popo is her pet bird who helped save all of the birds in the contest. They share a very close bond together.




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