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King Shenazard
King Shernzard anime
Kanji シェナザード王様
Rōmaji Shanmezādo-ousama
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey-Blue
Professional Status
Title King of Tanbarun
Occupation King of Tanbarun
Personal Status
Relatives Raji Shenazard (First Son)
Eugena Shenazard (Second Son)
Rona Shenazard (Daughter)
Relationships Queen Shenazard (Wife)
First Appearance Manga:Chapter 23
Anime:Episode 17
Voiced by Atsushi Miyauchin (Japanese)

Kent Williams (English)

King Shenazard is the king of Tanbarun and the father of Raji Shenazard, Rona Shenazard, and Eugena Shenazard. He allows Zen and the others to go find Shirayuki with Raji when she was captured by Sea's Talon.


King Shenazard is a tall middle-aged looking man with wavy brown hair. His eyes are Grey-Blue and he also has thick eyebrows. He wears an elegant purple outfit with white and golden cuffed gloves.


King Shenazard has a confident and strong attitude. He is respectful and tries to make Raji a better person, sometimes calling Raji a idiot son of his.He also has two more children apart from Raji.


Not much is known about him.




"She must be brought back safely, you hear?" —King Shenazard talking to Sakaki about rescuing Shirayuki (Episode 17).


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