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A perennial plant from the Aoshidare family that can lower fevers and alleviate pain when the roots are steamed and dried.

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  • A type of grass that produces a paralyze effect.

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No Information.

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Looks similar to the Shiranagi Plant but has different leaves.

  • Yukirenzu - it's a green fruit have to be left half a year after picking to ward off side effects.

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Rainbow Leaf Edit

One of five ingredients used in a compound for suppressing coughs. Best picked at sunrise when it's medical properties are at their most potent. Shirayuki picks some Rainbow Leaf and Coco Grass for Ryu after passing the exam to become and apprentice court herbalist.

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One of five ingredients use some Rainbow Leaf and Coco Grass for Ryu after passing the exam to become an apprentice court herbalist.

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The flowers face up and bloom from late to early morning.

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Urashigure and Akegishigure are two different varieties of the Shigure plant and look very similar until they bloom. If Urashigure is planted in the wrong condition, the correct conditions for Akegi for example, it won't bloom and will begin to produce and release sweet-tasting honey-like toxins that are fatal to plants. The toxins are not dangerous if ingested by humans as Shirayuki shows and then tells us when she drinks water from the aqueducts laced with the substance. The flower of Urashigure is a bright red colour which Ryu, a young court herbalist who becomes Shirayuki's supervisor, compares her hair to.

Not much is said about Akegishigure as compared to it's Ura counterpart, however we do know that it is easy to mistake for Urashigure before it blooms and is planted in very different conditions to Urashigure, in fact, Urashigure will be unable to bloom if planted as Akegi.

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Roka fruit

A small green fruit. Looks like an olive. It has a white four-pointed star on one side.

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  • Herbs to help with sore feet.

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She toka seed

A good source of food, when at sea. But they produce a lot of smoke when you burn them.

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