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Mukaze mad
Kanji 武風
Rōmaji Mukaze
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Mahogany
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Title General of the Lions of the Mountains
Occupation General
Personal Status
Relatives Shirayuki (Daughter)
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 24

Anime: Episode 18

Mukaze is Shirayuki's long-lost father, and the General of the Lions of the Mountains.


His hair is a mixture of red and brown, similar to Shirayuki's hair but with a darker shade of red. He has a mixture of gold and dark forest green eyes. On his chin is a little stubble.


Very protective of Shirayuki (Daughter).


Mukaze was once a previous noble of Tanbarun, but was exiled for trying to get his fiancee back, who had been assigned to his uncle instead.

He fled to the mountains along with his fiancee which is where they met the group "Lions of the Mountain". After they married, his wife gave birth to Shirayuki. Shirayuki's mother passed away shortly after. Due to his position as a mercenary and to avoid drawing unwanted attention, he sent Shirayuki to live with her grandparents.

He occasionally visited Shirayuki as a traveler to her grandparents bar.


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