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Kanji オビ
Rōmaji Obi
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Weight 65 kg
Professional Status
Title Page for the Second Prince of Clarines (formerly)
Zen Wisteria's Immediate Knight
Occupation Assassin (formerly)
Messenger for Zen
Bodyguard for Shirayuki
Personal Status
Friendships Zen Wistaria
Mitsuhide Rouen
Kiki Seiran
Kiharu Toghrul
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 3
Anime: Episode 3
Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)
Austin Tindle (English)

Obi (オビ, Obi) is a former assassin and is currently in Zen's group. Having met Zen under very poor circumstances as Marques Haruka's agent in a plot to separate Zen from Shirayuki, Obi decided to give the Prince his 'reins' and become one of his attendants. The reasoning behind his decision has not been fully revealed. He is now an immediate knight directly supervised by Zen. He is also the first line of defense and guard to Shirayuki.


Obi has short, black hair that covers his forehead and unusual yellow, cat-like eyes. He usually wears casual clothes that are easy to move around in. At the beginning of the Manga he was shown to have his face covered by a type of mask and a scarf, but when discovered by Zen he was forced to show his face to appear less suspicious. He is a tall person, slightly above average. Whenever he is in a Royal Courts presence he is forced to wear formal clothing fitting for the event. His formal outfit is black, courtesy of Mitsuhide, which makes it easier for him to move around in the night. He has a few scars present on his body. The only one that is in constant view is a small scar on his forehead just above his left eye. He has another large one going straight across his chest and a few on his arms with two on his ribs and chestplate.


Obi appears to be a strange but light-hearted man who is quite a mysterious character in the story. However it has been revealed that that when he was younger his presence appeared much more deadly and severe. On occasions these personality traits appear again, such as when Shirayuki was kidnapped by the Lions of the Mountains.

He prefers to be outside at night, calling himself the nocturnal type. He is a very skilled fighter who specializes in covert operations. His agility is his strong suit which allows him to move quickly without being noticed. While Obi acts as Shirayuki's bodyguard, he also gives perceptive ideas for Shirayuki during her work as an pharmacist. Out of all the characters he is the only one with unknown motives for following Zen so far which makes him a rather mysterious character.


Not much is known of Obi's past before he entered the service of Marques Haruka. He used to take on jobs that involved groups as they consisted of heavy and dangerous jobs which may have something to do with illegal work or crimes. One time he was heavily injured, bleeding all over, and was confronted by another member of the group. He brushed off the member's offer to help with a concern about the job, saying that it was finished and done for. Since being with Shirayuki and the others, he hasn't returned to his previous form of work.

Relationships  Edit

Zen WistariaEdit

As the Official Page for Prince Zen; they have a close relationship. He has been shown to be very faithful to Zen, as he always refers to him as 'Master'. Their relationship started off quite bad. Because he was originally hired by Lord Haruka to threaten Shirayuki, Zen did not trust him. Over time, their relationship improved. Obi has claimed that Zen 'holds his reins' and Zen has stated he has no intention of releasing them any time soon. Obi often tries to help Zen in getting closer to Shirayuki - telling Zen to pass her compliments, or creating opportunities for Zen to be alone with her. Sometimes when he is alone with Zen, he tends to jokingly tease Zen about Shirayuki and their relationship which causes Zen to sometimes blush.

Although he has flirted with and complimented Shirayuki in a seemingly joking manner, in chapter 58 he admitted to liking her when directly confronted by Zen. Zen bestowed the knight rank to Obi when he left for Lyrias with Shirayuki and Ryuu. Obi is the one Zen trusts the most to protect Shirayuki.


Obi seems fond of the young boy and often refers to him as 'Little Ryuu' and 'Half pint'. He is often seen teasing him due to their height difference, and Obi acts as a brother figure to Ryuu. He is usually seen carrying Ryuu around when they are together.


Obi is extremely fond of Shirayuki and has gotten into the habit of calling her 'Mistress', 'Little Miss', or just 'Miss'. He sees her as someone who understands him. He admitted to Zen that he has a liking towards Shirayuki in chapter 58 and 59; when she called his name, it made him feel like he was actually here with them all (them referring to Shirayuki, Zen, Mitsuhide & Kiki) but he also said that he did not really consider all of the reasons as to why he liked her. It is also hinted that they have met as kids, in Chapter 79. However, it is unclear although Shirayuki did mention that Obi "messes around but doesn't lie".


A female individual that he knew in the past. They did odd jobs together in a group and left the group later. They act like they don't know each other in public. In Chapter 32, he helped her in a job to capture a runaway kid and in Chapter 33, the rest of Zen's group found him and found out they knew each other and he was just helping her with a job so was late to return to them. Before Torou left them, she asked Obi if he really was the guy she knew, to which he replied that he wasn't sure.


"Whatever direction you're heading, I'll be sure to follow along by your side." —To Shirayuki


  • Obi is shown to have heightened senses in various chapters.
  • Obi feels greatly uncomfortable in formal clothing.
  • Obi has a large scar running across his chest, probably from the time when he worked with Torou and was heavily injured.
  • He likes spicy food.
  • He sometimes uses the name "Nanaki" as an alias, mostly because it is his stage name for fights.
  • In chapter 11, Obi is known to have a high resistance to liquor.
  • At first Obi is uncomfortable in showing his face. After helping Shirayuki tend to the plants as part of being her body guard he covers his face and declares feeling more at ease.
  • In chapter 17, Obi is seen to dislike riding in carriages.
  • Obi was ranked 2nd in the character poll. In the ship poll, he was paired with Shirayuki and the pair was ranked as 3rd. He was also paired with Zen and ranked 4th.
  • Obi has a soft spot for Shirayuki's smile and even mentions it to her.
  • Obi has amazing combat skills and was praised by Mitsuhide.
  • While Obi prefers to fight with hand to hand combat, he also has skills in archery and swordplay. 



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