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Kanji オビ
Rōmaji Obi
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Professional Status
Title Messenger for the Second Prince of Clarines (formerly)

Zen Wisteria's Immediate Knight
Occupation Assassin (formerly)
Messenger (formerly)
Personal Status
Friendships Zen Wistaria
Mitsuhide Rouen
Kiki Seiran
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 3
Anime: Episode 3
Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)
Austin Tindle (English)

Obi (オビ, Obi) is currently an aide that stands by Prince Zen's side, along with Mitsuhide, and Kiki. He was a former assassin that was hired by Lord Haruka to prevent Shirayuki from entering the castle and meeting Zen. Surprised by her wit and bravery, and mildly curious about Zen, he hands himself over to Zen calling him "Master". Soon after, Obi is hired as Zen's messenger and placed as Shirayuki's personal guard. He is later promoted to Zen's Immediate Knight whilst still remaining Shirayuki's guard.


Obi has short black hair, yellow cat-like eyes and a scar on his forehead above his right eye that is ususally partially hidden underneath his hair. His prefered clothes include a head band that wraps around his head and covers his ears, khaki coloured shirt, black long sleeved undershirt, neck wrap, black pants, boots, and gloves.

When Obi is conducting official business for Prince Zen Wistaria, he wears either a black buttoned official uniform that is long sleeved or light unbuttoned coloured official uniform with short sleeves and a black undershirt with long sleeves. However he also wears the latter with a loose neck warmer when he has no official business and simply loitering about the castle.

When Obi comes to Lyrias, he wears black underclothes and a white tunic over the top, a fur-lined neck warmer and a cape that covers his right shoulder and arm.


Obi is rather an aloof character and whilst he holds Prince Zen Wistaria and Shirayuki dear to him, he holds them at a distance not wanting them to know very much about his past. Obi continues to utilise the skills and knowledge from his previous line of work to find information to protect Zen, Mitsuhide, and Shirayuki, and to pursue those that seek to harm them and threaten his new lease on life.

It is shown that prior to meeting Zen and company, he maintained no relationships nor friendships that could tie him down, and was considerably more aloof and seldom relied on others for help. However since being with Zen and company, he is shown to rely on those around him, and has the motivation to protect and watch those around him flourish.

Obi has a preference for being outside in the night and self describes himself as nocturnal. He has unconventional ways of moving around buildings, often preferring to enter through the window or through a balcony rather than through the door. He is a nimble and skilled fighter, able to switch modes of combat quickly from swords to hand-combat, and even carries shuriken on his person.


Whilst not much is explicitly told about Obi's past prior to the main story, we are able to deduce that Obi had met Shirayuki some time during her childhood in the mountains of Tanbarun before she is sent to live with her grandparents. Obi seems to start remembering Shirayuki as he eavesdrops on a conversation between Kihal Toghrul and Shirayuki when she states that she was born in the mountains of Tanbarun though does not remember much of it. He later informs Shirayuki that he had met her before in Tanbarun, though he had never been to the Capital before.

Obi's traditional line of work involved carrying out various 'jobs' that could be considered too high risk or too tedious for ordinary people to take. Obi was heavily injured in a high risk job with a large wound across his chest and then disappeared into the woods when a fellow comrade, Torou, went to check on him. Following this job, Obi lay low and other members in this 'line of work' passed rumors that Obi had either died or quit and settled down with a family. His final job in this line of work was given to him by Haruka to target and remove Shirayuki from Wistal Palace to prevent her from returning and meeting Prince Zen Wistaria.

Relationships  Edit

Zen WistariaEdit

Obi is one of Prince Zen’s aides and refers to him as “Master”. Their relationship begins quite terse given the nature of their first meeting, however, Obi proves his worth and is accepted as Zen’s official messenger and Shirayuki’s guard. Obi is also Zen’s wingman, teaching and reminding him how he should be treating and complimenting Shirayuki, often by example, much to Zen’s chagrin. Zen is aware that Obi has feelings for Shirayuki, though trusts him to know his place and continue to serve his duties and protect Shirayuki.


Obi is Shirayuki’s guard and attendant, referring to her as “Miss” or “Little Miss”. Obi is shown to have feelings for Shirayuki from the time he saves her from collapsing in Fort Laxdo due to exhaustion, with the feelings becoming more intense as the story progresses. Shirayuki is unaware of these feelings and does not reciprocate. He is highly observant and is able to pick up her exhaustion and frustrations quickly. He sees her as a strong headed and capable person, however her manner of approaching issues are likely to make her run into trouble, and thus understands why he is the most appropriate guard for Shirayuki given his nimbleness.

Mitsuhide RouenEdit

Obi maintains a friendly relationship with Mitsuhide as a fellow aide referring to him as "Mister". Obi often makes jibes at Mitsuhide for being uptight and sentimental, though respects and values him as a friend, who goes out of their way to ensure the comfort of others.

Kiki SeiranEdit

Obi and Kiki have a somewhat distant relationship with each other, though readily rely on one another when the situation calls for it. When the situation does not call for necessity, Kiki would prefer to leave Shirayuki to mind both Obi and Zen, during hers and Mitsuhide's absence in Chapter 89.


Obi acts as something akin to a big brother for Ryuu and often calls him "Little Ryuu". Ryuu often comes to and confides in Obi for advice on his own shortcomings to become both a better person and pharmacist that other people can rely on. As Ryuu gets older, Obi begins to tease Ryuu about falling in love with Shirayuki, however, Ryuu's naievity on the topic of love and related feelings do not give Obi the teasing material he so desires.


A fellow assassin Obi often worked with in his past on high risk jobs. Given their line of work, it is customary and habitual to act as if they are not acquainted in public. Obi respects her in their line of work, though dislikes that she leaves the mission's most challenging aspects to him so that she can breeze through. At the conclusion of Chapter 33, Torou decides that the current Obi is completely different to the Obi she knew in the past, insinuating that he had become soft and weighed down by people he now holds dear.


"My master and the little miss have been in the forest for a while now. What are we going to do if they decide to elope, just like that?" —To Kiki and Mitsuhide
"Whatever direction you're heading, I'll be sure to follow along by your side." —To Shirayuki


  • Given Obi's history and previous line of work, he has heightened senses, advanced combat skills, and keen eye to detect change, though prefers to keep his face hidden to feel more at ease.
  • Obi has a high resistance to alcohol and can be matched by Mitsuhide and Kiki, though not Zen.
  • Obi has a dislike for formal clothing and carriages as they restrict his movement and senses.
  • Obi likes to use the name "Nanaki" as an alias when he does not want to reveal his name.
  • Obi is a good cook and has a preference for spicy food.
  • Obi was ranked 2nd in the character poll. He was ranked 3rd in the shipping poll with Shirayuki and 4th in the shipping poll with Zen.



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