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Raji Shenazard
Kanji ラジ・シェメザード
Rōmaji Raji Shenazādo
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Title First Prince of Tanbarun
Occupation Crown Prince of Tanbarun
Personal Status
Relatives King Shenazard (Father)
Rona Shenazard (Younger Sister)
Eugena Shenazard (Younger Brother)
Relationships Sakaki (aide)
Friendships Shirayuki (close friend)


First Appearance Manga:Chapter 1
Anime:Episode 1
Voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (English)

Raji Shenazard (ラジ・シェメザード Raji Shenazādo) is the Crown Prince of Tanbarun. He was nicknamed the "Stupid Prince" by many due to his selfish and mediocre attitude. After he helped rescue Shirayuki, the attitudes toward him changed and he was taken more seriously by others. 


Raji has brown hair and forest green eyes. He has a small mole under his left eye and wears formal and royal clothes.  He has a very similar appearance to his father, though their hair textures are different.


Raji starts out as a very spoiled and irresponsible individual due to his lavish upbringing as the prince heir. He commands very little respect from his people and servants, who view him as an embarrassment of a prince. After meeting Zen ( who has been known to refer to him as "Prince Moron") he is revealed to be quite timid and his fear of Zen is portrayed as a source of comedy, although they eventually grow to be able to work with one another with more respect. He is also somewhat socially awkward, relying a great deal on his attendant Sakaki to speak for him. Later on in the series, as he befriends Shirayuki, he undergoes drastic changes in personality and work ethic as he slowly becomes a prince that Shirayuki and Tanbarun can be proud of.


He was the story's first antagonist when he tried to force Shirayuki to be his concubine. He accidentally poisoned Zen with a basket of apples meant for Shirayuki which put him on Zen's bad side. Raji was the one who accidentally started the rumour that Zen considered Shirayuki to be his fiancé which lead to a few more problems along the track. He eventually became a comrade to Zen after Shirayuki was captured and was willing to help.



Shirayuki is Raji's first friend and she has a royal title given by Tanbarun, the name was made up by Raji on the fly to save her from a kidnapping situation, as "Friend of the Crown" which is convenient since the privilege of the title is to leave and enter Tanbarun as she pleases since it's her home country. Their relationship started off rocky as Raji only wanted Shirayuki for her "unusual and rare" red hair and wanted to make her his concubine. Which was the cause of Shirayuki leaving her home country and cutting off her hair, but after giving him a second chance and as they conversed more when Shirayuki accepted his invitation to visit they have a much better relationship. Especially with Raji giving a helping hand in the kidnapping case and Shirayuki slowly changed him for the better, Raji is determined to become a better prince and take his position more seriously. Currently they have a friendly relationship.

Zen WistariaEdit

In the beginning, Raji meets Zen face to face after Raji accidentally poisoned Zen instead of Shirayuki. Raji feared Zen after he told Raji to stay away from Shirayuki and to never speak her name out loud or else. However, as Shirayuki became friends with Raji, so did Zen. When Shirayuki went missing Raji and Zen teamed up to find her. Zen is good friends with Raji although sometimes they may have different opinions.

Raji doesn't seem jealous of Shirayuki's relationship with Zen, and supports their relationship.

Rona ShenazardEdit

Rona is Raji's only sister. Raji sometimes will get caught in Rona's schemes, but he usually tries to be her big brother.

Eugena ShenazardEdit

Eugena is Raji's only brother. Raji will act like a big brother when he is with Eugena, although Raji's personality might interfere.


"It would be a pity to let the girl who can entertain my eyes so much go somewhere far away." —Raji teasing Shirayuki
"The red headed young lady you are holding against her will is the only person who has received the title Friend of the Tanbarun Royal Family. Abandon your plans to escape!" —Raji defending Shirayuki


  • He has a habit of constantly snapping his fingers when he has made a decision.


Raji pondering

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