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Rona Shenazard (ロナ・シェナザード Rona Shenazādo) is the Princess of Tanbarun. She is Raji's younger sister and Eugena's older twin sister.


Rona has a short and petite build. She has medium length, light pink hair which is curly at the tips and bangs. She wears royal and formal clothes which are suitable for her age. She wears a long sleeved dress with frilly rims with a cloak attached to her shoulders. She has pointed eyelashes and a mole under her left eye.


Rona is a chirpy and curious girl. The fact that Shirayuki and Obi entered the Kingdom perked her interest. Despite her twin brother's protests she follows her older brother around and listens to his conversations. Out of the twin she is the leader and tends to drag Eugena around with her. She is a loud and observant person and can tell what her older brother is feeling.


Eugena ShenazardEdit

Rona is the older twin sister of Eugena. In the Manga they were never seen apart. They are open to each other and often talk about their older brother, Raji's activities.


"I am Tanbarun's Princess Rona and this is my twin little brother" —To Obi and Shirayuki
"The two of us probably don't understand yet." —To Eugena