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Shikito (シキト) is a soldier of Wistal Castle. He is one of three soldiers that accompanied Shirayuki to the lookout fort at Kokoku during the trial to determine whether the birds of Yuri Island could be utilised as an official means of communication in the Kingdom of Clarines.


Shikito has black hair and black eyes. He is always seen in a Clarines soldier’s uniform which consists of a black and grey uniform with a long white cape.


At first, he is rather meek and not daring to oppose a higher authority, Viscount Blaker, however he overhears Shirayuki shout at the Viscount and clearly oppose a higher authority for the right reasons. Upon hearing this, he musters up the strength to arrest the Viscount. He is a soldier that Zen places his trust in on multiple occasions.


The guard of Wistal Castle who goes along with Shirayuki and the viscount to the watchtower during the test to bring in the bird handlers from Kiharu's island for communication.





"I cannot call myself a person who serves under Prince Zen if I just ignore what she just said." — To Viscount Blaker
"Shirayuki said that if there are times when you cannot do what you truly want to do, she herself will make sure you won’t have to be in such a situation." — To Zen