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Kanji 白雪
Rōmaji Shirayuki
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Height 162 cm (5'3")
Weight 48 kg (105lbs)
Professional Status
Title Pharmacist of the Royal Court
Friend to Tanbarun Royal Family
Occupation Court Pharmacist
Court Herbalist
Personal Status
Relatives Grandparents (Deceased)

Mother (Deceased)
Mukaze (Father)

Relationships Zen Wistaria (Lover)
Friendships Mitsuhide
Prince Raji
Kiharu Toghrul
Affiliation Tanbarun as the 'Friend Of The Crown'
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Voiced by Saori Hayami (Japanese)
Brina Palencia (English)

Shirayuki (白雪 Shirayuki) is the lead female protagonist in the Akagami no Shirayukihime manga and anime series. She is currently a Court Herbalist within the Kingdom of Clarines and usually works inside the Palace. She is currently Zen's lover.

Shirayuki along with MitsuhideKiki and Obi, all walk proudly beside Zen on the path she has picked.


Shirayuki's rare apple-red hair color attracts a lot of unwanted attention. At the beginning of the story, her hair was typically tied in a ponytail that ran halfway down her back, but as a rebellious act against the Prince of Tanbarun, she cut it shorter so that it reached her chin . Shirayuki is of average height at 5' 3" (162 cm).

Since she is not of royal blood, and was a former civilian, she had to gain access to the castle from her employment and now has a tag of identification around her neck. Later on, Shirayuki is given a uniform by Garaku, which she wears while on duty. Whenever she is called to formally meet a member of royalty, she changes into more of a formal and respectable apparel. Shirayuki does do not do so when she is called to see Zen. When she is out in an unfamiliar town, Shirayuki always wears a hood so that her hair won't attract any unwanted attention.


Shirayuki has a very strong-willed and bright personality. She is optimistic, resourceful, determined, yet she can be kind and compassionate. She tends to be fairly independent, but will accept the help of others when necessary. Sometimes, her determination to be independent ends up working against her and she has been known to overwork herself to the point of making herself sick. Shirayuki, tends to put less consideration into her own needs and ends up putting the people around her at a higher priority, meaning she places anyone precious to her ahead of herself and takes action when the situation requires attention. She's a strong-willed woman that is willing to take any risks for the fact to be proven properly.

Shirayuki is very knowledgeable in herbology and medicine. She likes to do things the "right way", often leading to dangerous encounters.As also seen in the manga (Lyrias arc), she doesn't like hiding information and would like to face the truth in order to properly protect her precious 'stuff'. She has a high level of determination, but gets easily flustered when Zen tries to flirt or romance her. She knows that she loves him but doesn't know how to say it.

She is very patient and diligent when it comes to the palace's work - meaning that she likes doing things by herself and doesn't like using 'other people' like Zen to rise her social status.


Shirayuki was born in the mountains of Tanbarun. Her dad (Mukaze) being the leader of the Lion's of the Mountains and her mom dying at an early age, Mukaze decided he wanted Shirayuki to live a normal life so he left her grandparents who owned a pub in the city of Tanbarun to take care of her. When she was a toddler she saw her father having a drink at the pub as her grandparents quietly pointed him out. Throughout her life, Shirayuki has had problems with her hair gaining unwanted attention and it has made her cautious about herself in new surroundings.

When she becomes older her grandparents soon pass away and she rebuilds the pub into a pharmacy. She becomes known throughout the city and her hair soon catches the eye of the prince (Raji Shenazard). One evening a palace guard comes to her pub and commands her that she must prepare to become the princes concubine. He leaves the pharmacy as Shirayuki thinks of a plan to escape the kingdom. She finishes up her last medicine orders and cuts her long red hair leaving her hair by a window still and escapes out of the city.

While walking through the woods she finds an abandoned mansion and knocks on the door. When no one answers she decides to wait for the owner and sits by the door, falling asleep in the process.


Zen WistariaEdit

Shirayuki first met Zen when she was on the run from Prince Raji and was just waking up from her nap outside of an abandoned house. He had tripped over a wall that he was jumping over, and when she had offered to help patch up his arm, he had refused, accusing her of possibly poisoning him, to which she proves wrong as she hits herself with his sword, then applying medicine to. At first she doesn't know he is a prince, not until he confronts Prince Raji and comes to her rescue. They begin as very good friends who inspire each other to work harder and achieve more, and later on throughout the series her feelings of respect and friendship transform into love. When Zen confessed his love to Shirayuki, she didn't know how to answer him. She loved Zen, but she didn't know how to say it. Later in the story, she confessed her love to Zen and they became a couple. She comes to rely on him for his advice and protection, something that she has never done before, as she has been raised to be a naturally independent person. In return, Shirayuki wants to protect his name, and encourage him to be the best that he can be. As of chapter 60, they are in a long distance relationship.

Prince RajiEdit

In the beginning of the story, Shirayuki dislikes Raji because he is a shameful, idiotic prince and is the reason she fled Tanbarun. In the first chapter, he sends a guard to go tell her that she was to be his "concubine", as he found her apple-red hair to be "rare and unusual". As an act of defiance against the spoiled prince, Shirayuki cuts her hair short and leaves her ponytail behind for Raji's soldiers to find, symbolizing that while he can have her hair, he can never have her. Later on, he tries to poison her with an apple with the intention of immobilizing her, allowing him to take her back to the castle. However, Zen ends up being poisoned, and out of concern for her new friend, Shirayuki decides to face Raji in order to get the antidote. In the end, Zen intimidates and threatens Prince Raji into swearing that he would never try to see Shirayuki again. Later, Shirayuki and Raji attempt to redefine their relationship, despite getting off to such a horrible start. Throughout the series, they slowly become friends with each other. Beginning with helping him when his stomach pain and smiling back at him when he said something nice, she is later the only person in history to receive the title "Friend to Tanbarun Royal Family". This title is later the key to her attending royal gatherings.


When she first met Obi, he had been hired by Lord Haruka to intimidate Shirayuki into staying away from Zen and to frighten her away from Wistal castle. When Obi is discovered by Zen, he begins working for him, and slowly befriends the rest of the group. In later chapters Zen orders Obi to be Shirayuki's guard while she is in danger and this has allowed them to become good friends. Shirayuki sees him as a strong but friendly person, who is a bit odd. Nevertheless she respects his abilities and values his friendship dearly. Obi refers to her now as "Mistress" and has romantic feelings for Shirayuki, but does not act on them out of respect for her and Zen.


Her grandparents, being deceased, do not have any more development in the story. That being said Shirayuki has talked about her grandparents from time to time. They owned a pub, and were the ones to raise her after her mother died, and her father disappeared. It is said they Shirayuki loved them very much, and that they were good people. They are very much responsible for Shirayuki being who she is and raised her in a fashion to be able to support herself.

Izana Edit

Even though she has a healthy respect for him, Shirayuki's relationship with the Izana Wistaria is quite strained in the beginning. They have not had much interaction but have had multiple private talks about herself and Zen. After the incident at Lyrias, Izana's attitude has slightly changed about her, seemingly to trust her a little bit more. He continues to test the relationship of Zen and Shirayuki, so much so that he tells Shirayuki she must go to a city in the kingdom of Clarines to help a breakout in a sickness, and that she must stay there for 3 months without Zen.


Ryuu is a very smart but very antisocial 12 year old who works as one of the chief herbalist who becomes in charge of Shirayuki . He first meets the protagonist Shirayuki in an herb garden at first their relationship seems very strange because he seemed a bit on the shy side but he soon begins to open up to her and feel frightened and worries when she started to cry. Many people in the castle are frightened by him due to his mysterious nature and his knack and interest in poisonous herbs . He soon becomes a little brother figure to Obi who takes him under his wings and teaches him how to climb in return Ryuu teaches him about Herbs .


She first met him along with Kiki and Zen. As Zen explains that he always loses to Kiki at chess. Mitsuhide is fatherly to Shirayuki, giving her advice about Zen and encouraging her when times are tough.


Kiki is a good friend to Shirayuki. Kiki is the only girl besides Shirayuki herself in the main group. They usually talk when they have a room together. Kiki usually has Shirayuki's back and sometimes gives advice about Zen to her.


"Sorry to disappoint, but it's not my hobby to carry poisons around with me." —To Zen

"If there are times when he can't act as he wants to, I will use everything in my power to make sure he won't be in that situation." —Shirayuki talking about Zen

"The next time I come to this country, I will enjoy hearing the townspeople proudly talk about you." —To Prince Raji


  • Shirayuki means "White Snow". Although, it is translated as "Snow White".
  • She is quite popular among the Royal Guards, such to the point that they cheer when Shirayuki moves into the castle.
  • Shirayuki is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. She gets drunk easily.
  • In a character pole she won first place, same goes with Zen and Shirayuki, who also won first place in the couple section of the pole. Shirayuki and Obi won third place.


Shirayuki episode 1

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