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Touka Bergatt former head of the Bergatt House who was the main cause of Hisame Lugis mysteriously getting injured and a chain of aristocrats also mysteriously getting injured, Mitsuhide's accused connection to the events and temporary stripping of his title as Zen's aide, and the raid to assassinate Zen and restore power to the Bergatt House. He is arrested and stripped of his title of head of Bergatt House who then goes to his younger brother Tsuruba Bergatt.



Evil and cynical he used his power as head of the Bergatt house to maliciously try to take back the Bergatt power over the northern part of Clarines that was stripped away by former queen Haruto Wistaria during his father's reign as the Head of the Bergatt house. He also poisoned and killed his own father to become the new head of the Bergatt house.



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