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Tsuruba Bergatt
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 20
Professional Status
Occupation Sereg Knights
Personal Status
Relatives Tariga Bergatt (Twin Brother)
Touka Bergatt (Older Brother)
Lord Bergatt (Father; Deceased)
Affiliation Bergatt House
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 75

Tsuruba Bergatt is a member of the Bergatt house and is currently resided in Sereg, alongside his younger twin brother, Tariga Bergatt.



As the older twin, Tsuruba is more confident than Tariga. He is rather introverted and likes keeping to himself, but often times opens up to Tariga.


Tsuruba was born into the Bergatt house, alongside his twin Tariga. When they were young the Bergatt house was in charge of the northern part of Clarines but that changed when it was learned that they were misusing their power. The then queen Haruto Wistaria moved to Wilant and started ruling the north. After his father's death, his older brother, Touka Bergatt, became the head of the family. Soon, his twin and him were needed to help their older brother with various jobs which led them to high combat skill and speed.


Tariga BergattEdit

Tsuruba is Tariga's older twin brother. They are almost always seen together. Because they were the youngest members of the Bergatt house at the time of their childoods, thay have become pretty enclosed and rarely associate themselves with someone else, although they did communicate with other people. This, however, changed when Zen came to Sereg.


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