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Tsuruba Bergatt is the current head of the Bergatt house. He is usually seen alongside his younger twin brother, Tariga Bergatt.


He has his hair in a ponytail which distinguishes him from Tariga who puts his hair in a braid.


As the older twin, Tsuruba is more confident than Tariga. He is rather introverted and likes keeping to himself, but often times opens up to Tariga.


Tsuruba was born into the Bergatt house, alongside his twin Tariga. When they were young the Bergatt house was in charge of the northern part of Clarines but that changed when it was learned that the Bergatt house were misusing their power. The former queen Haruto Wistaria learned of this information and stripped the Bergatt house of their power and moved to Wistal Palace to rule the north. After his father's death, his older brother, Touka Bergatt, became the head of the family and decided one day he would take back their land and power from the crown. Soon, Tsuruba and his twin Tariga were needed to help their older brother with various jobs which trained them to have good combat and speed skills.

Tsuruba and Tariga arrive at the Wistal Palace in search to become Sereg knights. They meet Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki and become Sereg knights soon after. With the event of Kiki's suitor, Hisame Lugis, suddenly getting injured, Mitsuhide is accused of being the cause of the injury and is temporary stripped of his title as Zen's aide and is put under house arrest. Tsuruba and Tariga are then seen as a good option for Zen's new aide replacement. Eventually Zen and Kiki find out Tariga has been a suitor for Kiki all along. In the search for the mysterious event surrounding Kiki's suitor, Tsuruba and Tariga are found out to be part of the events. However they realize that they regret being part of the event because Zen has become their light that they have been looking for and want to help clean up the Bergatt mess and destroy the creator of the events, Touka Bergatt. Tsuruba goes out of the palace to kill Touka, but while traveling he meets mercenaries sent by Touka to capture Tsuruba and keep him hostage. He fends off for himself but is almost overcome before Obi and Kiki come around to save him. Tsuruba reveals their brother's plan to replace Kiki and Mitsuhide for the twins as Zen's aide by marrying Kiki to Tariga and fowling Mitsuhide's name making him unable to become Zen's aide. By becoming Zen's aides they would regain the Bergatt's power over Clarines. The group hurry back to the palace and help defend the palace from Touka's raid. Once Touka is captured and arrested, Tsuruba and Tariga are pardoned of their crimes but are put under house arrest. Tsuruba was given the title as the new head of the Bergatt house and was tasked to rebuild the Bergatt family from the inside.


Tariga BergattEdit

Tsuruba is Tariga's older twin brother. They are almost always seen together. Because they were the youngest members of the Bergatt house at the time of their childhoods, they have become pretty closed and rarely associate themselves with others, although they do communicate with others. This, however, changed when they met Zen.