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Umihebi (ウミヘビ) was the leader of the late pirate group, Sea's Talon. They captured Shirayuki, Kazuki and later on Kiki but soon were cornered and killed by Zen, Mitsuhide Rouen, and the Lions of the Mountain. She was defeated by Mukaze, the general of Lions of the Mountains, and was arrested along with the survivors of her crew after the battle.


She has green tinted brown hair that is put in a ponytail and lime green eyes. She wears blood red lipstick, earrings, and has a tattoo on her right shoulder. Her outfit consists of purple dyed cloth wrapped around her upper chest with a thin shawl around her shoulders and cloth bracelets. She wears a worn out cloth skirt and has black thigh high socks with brown boots. She also wears purple cloth bracelets around her legs.


She is cocky, devilish and evil, hurting others to forge her own path. She refers people that she wants to steal from inferior to her. She is very materialistic and likes treasure and money.





In the anime it is told that Kazuki used to be a part of the Sea's Talon before he left to join the Lions of the Mountain.


"You can let that little thing dream a little. Flick him away after letting his chest puff up with hope. That way...he'll show us an even better expression!" —Referring about plundering Prince Raji

"Miss, you cannot go home anymore." —To prisoner Shirayuki.


  • Umihebi means Sea Snake.
  • She likes to drink wine straight from the bottle.