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Yuzuri (ユズリ Yuzuri) is a botanist stationed in Lyrias. Cheerful and outgoing, she works with Shirayuki during the disease outbreak and befriends her.


Yuzuri is a young lady of average height. She has light blue-gray hair tied in a ponytail and turquoise eyes.

While in Lyrias, she was wearing a light blue dress with darker accents. When outside she would wear gloves a short light blue coat and pink earmuffs.


Yuzuri has a bubbly and outgoing personality. She has no dificulties in befriending other people and is very extroverted.


She works in Lyrias as a botanist.



During Shirayuki and Ryuu's first trip to Lyrias Yuzuri was assigned as their guide. She took a liking to them because she didn't that many people there and considered them 'eccentric'. Following the disease outbreak, she starts working with Shirayuki and, in the mean time, become friends. She later comes to Wistal Palace to visit Shirayuki.

Suzu Edit

Suzu and Yuzuri knew each other before the events at Lyrias. They are both stationed in Lyrias and are close friends. There is some slightly hinted romance between them in universe by Kirito.