Zen Wistaria
Kanji ゼン・ウィスタリア
Rōmaji Zen Wisutaria
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 19

28 January

Hair Color Silver (Manga)
White (Anime)
Eye Color Blue
Height 176 cm (5'9")
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
Professional Status
Title The Second Prince of Clarines
Occupation Second Prince
Personal Status
Relatives Izana Wistaria (Older Brother)
Haruto Wistaria (Mother)
Kain Wistaria (Father; Deceased)
Relationships Shirayuki (Lover)
Friendships Mitsuhide Rouen (aide)
Kiki Seiran (aide)
Obi (Immediate Knight)
Atri (Childhood Friend)
Affiliation Fort Laxdo (Currently under his jurisdiction)
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 1

Anime: Episode 1

Voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese)
Josh Grelle (English)

Zen Wistaria (ゼン・ウィスタリア Zen Wisutaria) is the male protagonist in the Akagami no Shirayukihime manga and anime series.

He is the second prince of the Clarines Kingdom. His older brother, Izana, is the first crown prince and later King of Clarines. He is an adventurous person with a light-hearted personality. In the past, he suffered due to his royal status and had trouble in trusting people, but became much more open after meeting Shirayuki. He is also the lover of Shirayuki.

He keeps his two aides at his side, Mitsuhide and Kiki, as well as ‘holds’ the reins that keeps Obi in his presence.


Zen's hair is a light silver or a white color, is short to medium in length, long enough to cover his forehead, but not long enough to reach his shoulders. It is always seen in the same style ever since he was a child. His eyes are a crystal blue that has been jokingly described as pretty by Obi (and Shirayuki as well). His height is average, but he seems to be made fun of by Mitsuhide at times because he himself is taller than Zen. When he is not on duty as a prince he is seen in casual clothes which normally consist of a dark top and light colored pants. Though, when he is inside the castle, tending to his royal duties, he is seen wearing more appropriate clothing for a prince with the royal crest on his belongings. His sword and glove are always seen on him whether he is sneaking out or attending to his duties. His 'royal blue' glove is always on his left hand and it covers his palm and middle finger.


His type of personality is easy going and is a person who is easy to get along with. He's responsible for his castle as the second prince of Clarines. He cares for all of his servants and aides who he sees as his friends and shows respect towards them. He especially cares for Shirayuki since the time he has met her, going great lengths to rescue her when she is kidnapped. Though he sneaks out of the castle, delaying his work, he treats his title as a prince seriously and cares deeply for his country. As Shirayuki stated, he always thinks about his position as a prince and what he can do for his country. He is not one to become extremely angry or sad, though when it comes to any of his friends, he becomes incredibly serious. He keeps his composure most of the time but at times when he is with Shirayuki he can easily become embarrassed and even slightly jealous, mentioning that it was normal for her to work with young guys. He has taken a love for the forest close to his kingdom because it is a place where he can escape to and just be himself, not a prince. Though, while talking to Shirayuki about why he goes to the forest a lot he says, "But it's different now since you're here that's all I need." Overall, he has a very respectable, trustworthy, reliable and friendly personality.He can also be very serious at times.


When Zen was 13, Mitsuhide was appointed his aide by Izana who by then pointed out that Zen was going through a rebellious phase. At first Zen hated the idea of someone following him around. He was reluctant to tell him anything and ran off somewhere out of Mitsuhide’s presence. When Zen was around other people alongside Mitsuhide he replaced his angry and reluctant personality with a kind and warm one. He even went as far as introducing Mitsuhide and saying that he is happy that he was appointed one of his close companions; however this was just an act to get Mitsuhide to escort Mikage to Izana. After that Zen ran off to meet with his only friend at the time, Atri. After an exchange of words and Zen explaining his situation, Mitsuhide started calling for him. He then tells Mitsuhide that he will only be an assistant to him, and Mitsuhide responded by asking him to refrain from using such cold words to which Zen apologizes for. Zen in then trained by Mitsuhide in sword fighting though Zen is reluctant to as he cannot beat Mitsuhide. 

Zen later meets up with Atri. Atri tells him that they cannot meet up in the day anymore as he will be working at night to which Zen says he will still sneak up to meet up with him. When Zen next sneaks out he finds a wounded Atri. Rushing to him he questions him where he got the wound from. A group of men appear behind them and slap Zen to the side. Mitsuhide then comes rushing to his aide as well as Izana. Zen then questions Atri and asks him if he is a traitor to which he confirms. He reveals that he was just friends with him to better a grudge. He shoots an arrow at Zen however Mitsuhide cuts the arrow before Atri can release it.

In the end, Mitsuhide ends their battle by fatally slashing Atri. As Atri is dying he says to Zen that it would have been better if he wasn't a prince. Atri's death leaves Zen emotionally distraught and he is comforted by Mitsuhide, which solidifies their beginning friendship. A month later Mitsuhide and Zen discuss the events that happened, revealing that Zen has grown up a little due to this experience--however, he still retains his general positivism. Mitsuhide then goes on to ask Zen to allow him to protect him, which Zen accepts.



Zen's relationship with Shirayuki began when he stumbled upon her in a forest while he was sneaking away from the castle. Upon seeing her, he noticeably got distracted by her beauty and ended up injuring his arm. He begins to question her as to why she is in the forest, and when she asks to heal his wound, he mistakes her for a suspicious individual who wishes to harm him, suggesting the medicine might be poison. Upon hearing this Shirayuki is struck by Zen's rudeness, but nevertheless harms her own arm with Zen’s sword and uses the medicine she was going to put on his wound saying, "It's not my hobby to carry poisons around with me”. Chastened, Zen laughs as his opinion of her completely changes and he gladly accepts the offer of her treating his wound. After Shirayuki moves to Clarines, Zen spends more and more time with her and comes to greatly respect Shirayuki's dedication and responsibility, as well as her positive outlook on life, which inspires him to work harder. Meanwhile, Shirayuki thinks very highly of him too, as he represents what a good prince should be. As time went on, they began to fall in love with each other. As seen in the Lion of the mountain, he finally admitted he was in love with Shirayuki. Zen was the first person to convey his feelings as he kissed her unexpectedly while they were talking alone. Though both are extremely embarrassed, Zen tells Shirayuki that the next time he touched her he would like to know what she thought. Later, he tells Mitsuhide that he has held feelings for Shirayuki for a long time. Eventually, Shirayuki makes her own feelings clear. Zen then asked her if she would take his hand, and she says yes. There, they began their relationship as lovers; however it is not public knowledge yet.

Mitsuhide Edit

Mitsuhide is Zen's close aid and his best friend. Although they took some time to warm up to each other, they trust each other a lot now. Mitsuhide is said to be the only person Zen listens to.

Kiki Edit

Kiki is another aide and best friend of Zen. She worked for Zen for 6 years. And shows loyalty towards Zen as well as respecting him a lot. She seems to be an expert in playing chess, seeing as she defeats Zen and Mistuhide many times. Kiki is also helping to get Zen and Shirayuki together. She asks whether he wants Shirayuki to be his queen.


After being captured for threatening Shirayuki, Obi proclaims himself as Zen's servant, calling him "Master". While Zen is initially unhappy about this arrangement, being understandably mistrustful of him. However, Zen eventually comes to trust him greatly, to a level that he will leave Shirayuki in Obi's protection when he cannot be by her side. He is still occasionally exasperated by Obi, since he enjoys teasing Zen.



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"Color has meaning, and red is supposed to represent fate. You may not like it much now, but your red might lead to something good when you least expect it." —Zen complimenting Shirayuki.
"I too wish for you be by my side. I vow on our meeting that I will protect both your and my wish with everything I have. I know it might sound strange to ask for your help to keep that promise...but it's undeniable you always give me strength. Therefore, will you take my hand?" —Zen telling Shirayuki his feelings.
"It's up to her to forgive you for that. I see no reason to hold it against you now." —Zen telling Obi to be Shirayuki's bodyguard.
"Shirayuki... I think that the most charming part about Obi is how, even if someone suddenly invades his room, he'll still give up his bed for them." —To Shirayuki (Chapter 89)


  • Zen does not preferred to be called "His Highness" by people close to him.
  • Throughout Zen's childhood, Zen has built an immunity to poisons making him almost immune to all poisons.
  • Zen used to be unable to drink milk when he was young.
  • In the English dub, Zen's surname is spelled as 'Wistalia' and in the sub 'Wistaria' or 'Wisutaria'.
  • Zen had a tough past which makes him a vulnerable character due to the fact he was betrayed by his friend Atri and was told the truth before his passing.

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