Family Edit

Izana Wistaria Edit

Zen's older brother and the king of Clarines. Zen's relationship with his older brother is complex, but it is clear that he greatly respects Izana. As a child, Zen looked up to Izana and wished to be like him, but has since become aware of Izana's manipulative and mocking personality, which strains their relationship. While he respects Izana's ability to rule, Zen prefers respectful, open discussion and honest proceedings, as opposed to his brother's style of pulling the strings behind the scenes. As Shirayuki comes to hold a bigger part of Zen's life, Izana's meddling in their relationship frustrates him. While Zen openly admired his brother as a child, his current interactions with Izana are very formal in nature.

Haruto Wistaria Edit

Zen's mother and queen dowager of Clarines. She cares for both her sons even if she can't see them very often.

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